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Universal alarm monitoring communicator, for forwarding of the Contact ID reports received from alarm panel through RING/Tip terminals (emulated phone line) to IP receiver, through 2G/3G or PSTN line connection

Devices accepts the contact ID based report codes that alarm panel transmits through the emulated phone line. These reports are converted to format defined by SIA DC09 standard format and sent tot he appointed monitoring station, following the reporting direction selected with phone number that was dialed by alarm panel for the particular report. Data is sent through the cellular network in TCP/IP or UDP packages, or through PSTN line without any conversion. This way, the reports can be sent to one receiver with backup connection, or to two different receivers for double reporting. If required, the second receiver can be a simple phone line receiver, regardless if it is used for backup or double report receiving.

With this procedure, the device forwards the Contact-ID based report codes from alarm panel to the monitoring station IP Receiver.

Focus on complete professional Alarm Monitoring

In all devices with Pulloware srever support, reports that are sent through this communicator to IP receiver are also sent to supervising IoT Server, and forwarded to Smartphone application as regular message or ,,push notification”, and the use can use the same application to arm/disarm his Alarm system through the keyswitch realy ont he device.

These device can be accessed through a Server’s Web site, all settings or firmware can be changed, and the Alarm panel connceted to device serial port can be remotely programmed with appropriate software, same as with the direct cable conncetion.

The second line connection ( used as backup/doubled conncetion) can be used with real PSTN line, or any other kind of communicators that emulates phone line ( GSM communicator, long range radio transmitter, VOIP communicators,…)

With the GPRS devices provides the most of features that are expected in professional IP reporting systems, additional features that are avaliable in the 2G and 3G devices increase the security level, therefore their usage is recommended mainly fo systems with higher security levels (banks, ATM, governmental offices,…)

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