About us

The company

Dupol Kft. is specialised in the design, manufacture and development of all our hardwares and softwares. We have been on the market for several decades.

Based on all of our experiences we decided to start and launch our own products, so in 2009 UP100-GSM doorphone and access control system appeared on the market under our ESTOM brand name. Later the new, UP200 GSM intercom followed UP100-GSM.

We are primarily involved in the development, manufacturing and sales of cutting-edge security technology apparatus. All development and manufacturing is done in-house, thus we can immediately react to any market impact (e.g. large volume order), or unique needs of our customers, be it special features or technological modifications. Our own expectation is compact, quick and efficient work in all areas.

Our aim is to provide our customers quality devices that are simple to use, set and manage from the start so there is no need for a thorough explanation and also an installer can use the product without reading and memorising long manuals. Most of our products are based on the new IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Our devices can be remotely managed so there is no need to go on site, which saves the company a lot of expenses. https://www.mindmeister.com/1188264841?t=uvm9oftO58