WIFI garage door opener / GSM gate opener

Wireless gate controller – GSM gate opener

Controlling of the Gate control unit from unlimited distance. Using Smartphone application, you can start or stop gate opening or closing. remote control

Main features of DP Door-I WIFI gate opener

Controlling of gate or garage door by smartphone

Open and close your garage door with free application.

  • No SIM card and no additional monthly fee for network usage
  • Unlimited number of users, signal recipients and distance
  • Simple installation (no need for router setting)
  • Control and monitor the gate on one platform
  • Compatible with most types of gate motors

Main features of X Door-3 GSM gate opener

  • 3 relays for starting the gate opener functions
  • 3 limit switch input for monitoring the closed position of the gate
  • 1 WIEGAND 26 input for access control keypad or RFID card reader
  • Sending notifications about opening and closing and failure, for the authorized persons
  • Configuration and diagnostic via WEB browser trough Internet connection (eg. set permissions, delete users, events monitoring)
  • The number of users is not limited gsm module
  • Event log with latest 1000 action – gate opener remote access
  • Connecting to Internet through WIFI and/or GSM/GPRS connection, and no need router setup

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