DP Door-I Smart Garage Door Opener

Controlling of gate or garage door by smartphone

Open and close your garage door with free application.

  • No SIM card and no additional monthly fee for network usage
  • Unlimited number of users, signal recipients and distance
  • Simple installation (no need for router setting)
  • Control and monitor the gate on one platform
  • Compatible with most types of gate motors





WiFi Garage Door Opener

Controlling of gate or garage door by smartphone, with real feedback about the position of the gate and no communication cost.


  • Controlling of the Gate control unit from unlimited distance. Using Smartphone application, you can start or stop  gate opening or closing.
  • Several gates can be controlled by the application
  • Momentary sending the status change information as anything happens. The „push notification” messages are sent on status change (CLOSED, OPENED, ERROR,…). garage doors
  • You can view the animated opening or closing of the gate in the application. The device is monitoring the power of the door engine itself, and as a result  synchronizes the application with the real gate moving.

Features of Smart Garage Door Opener

  • Starting the relay for the gate drive
  • Gate position supervision from the motor’s supply wires with direct connection
  • Gate position monitoring from the limit switch
  • Sending notifications about open, close and failure, for the authorized users simultaneously
  • Supervision and control through web site or smartphone application
  • The number of users is not limited
  • Events stored with authenication of source (who opened the gate and when)
  • No router setup for device installation
  • The communication is encrypted with AES-128 encoding.




The product is designed to fulfil the modern request for comfortable environment. Using a local Wi-Fi network, it provides gate control functions on Smartphone platform through Internet connection. Smart gate openers new garage door opener remote garage door controller 


Application area

Main features

Number of users:Unlimited
Cost of smartphone application:Free
Gate motor compatibility:Compatible with most types of gate motors
Technical support:Within 24 hours
Warranty:2 years

smart home application

Status messages

Connection open close

remote gate opener connection

Technical details

  • 2 WIFI connections for primary and backup access points (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
  • Limit switch input (NO type)
  • Controllable relay (NO type)
  • Motor monitoring inputs (M+/M- up to 48V DC)
  • Several power supply: 9-24V AC or DC with max. 200mA peak current.

Specifications of Smart Garage Door Opener

Supply voltage:9-24V AC/DC
Consumption:100mA @ 12VDC
Environmental conditions:IP44
Maximal motor voltage ( Maximal voltage on monitor inputs):24V
Output contacts maximal load, voltage:24V/1A
Wireless network type:WIFI (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Operating temperature:-30°C to +50°C


 DP Door-I instructions for use v2.0 (en)DP Door-I Gate Opener-en