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Audio GSM door phone devices

GSM door entry units which can call the owner’s mobile or landline phone. Intercom operating on mobile network. 2 telephone numbers can be assigned to each pushbutton (set as primary and secondary)

Advantages of GSM door entry system

  • No missed clients or visitors, since the intercom unit calls the owner’s mobile phone, no matter where the owner is.
  • On call, the owner can let in the guest, client or courier remotely.
  • In case of absence, burglary attempts can be prevented by imitating the apparent presence.
  • Fast and easy installation, easy configuration using a PC.
  • Possibility for communication from any fixed place

Areas of application of GSM door entry systems

  • Modern solution for wireless intercom system (private homes, resorts, offices, premises)
  • Remotely controllable access control unit
  • Keyless door opening by video door phone
  • Garage door opening/closing by phone

gsm door phone door entry

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