SIA DC-09 alarm monitoring receiver

The IP-based monitoring receiver uses one of the most widely-used standardized protocol, SIA DC-09.  It translates signals received from the alarm system (with the exception of test signals) into serial line SIA DC-07 data and forwards it to the monitoring PC. It also sends back the monitoring PC’s acknowledgement (called “kiss-off”) to the alarm. Connection is made possible through USB, so even though a serial protocol is used, there is no need for a serial line card in the monitoring PC.


SIA DC-09 alarm monitoring receiver

Efficient and clarified 5000 endpoint IP network receiver, which is capable of receiving any standard SIA DC-09 protocol-based signals. Translates IP-based signals to serial line DC-07 protocol, and forwards it to the interface of the display dispatcher computer. Although the communication between the IP receiver and the dispatcher computer is a traditional serial protocol, the physical connection is using USB connection. Further possibility is that the serial connection can be upgraded to IP connection, which significantly improves the reception of multiple signals arriving in the same time.

The inclusion of the end points is automatic at hookup, the other settings can be modified from a clarified WEB interface.

Main features

  • Monitoring and signal reception from up to 5000 endpoints (through TCP or UDP connection)
  • Shutting down IP connections after signal transfer finishes
  • Continuous monitoring of Internet/network connections
  • Monitoring test signals
  • Incdication of devices and their status (ONLINE if they are active/OFFLINE if they lost connection)
  • Blocking individual end devices to filter out unwanted communication
  • Encryption (AES-128 or AES-256)
  • Configuration at the spot or through network by a web browser
  • Static or dynamic (DHCP-based) IP addressing
  • USB port / USB connector for PC connection
  • SECURECOM IP communicators’ signal receiver



Contents of the package

  • IPR-5000 receiver
  • Power supply
  • USB-SERIAL converter cable
  • User manual


  •  IPR-5000 user manual v1.0 (en): IPR500 EN_v1.0