IP-based alarm monitoring communicator with GPRS connection.



IP-based alarm monitoring communicator with GPRS connection

SC-GPRS alarm monitoring communicator translates the TIP/RING phone line communication of the alarm centres, forwards it to the set-up telemonitoring, as it is defined in the SIA DC-09 standard. The data transfer is done in the GPRS system of the mobile network, in the form of TCP/IP or UDP packets. Only the CONTACT ID formatted reporting codes, can be  interpreted and forwarded to monitoring, by the device.

Main features:


The SC-GPRS alarm monitoring communicator (simulating a wired line towards the alarm centre) receives the Contact ID event code from the centre, translates it to an IP packet, then forwards it to the telemonitoring station over the GPRS network. The monitoring receiver returns an acknowledgement signal to the communicator, upon receipt of the event, which in turn translates the acknowledgement (Kissoff) and forwards it to the alarm centre. In the same time it can forward the contact signals received on its own inputs, to the monitoring station.

Configuration of Securecom SC-GPRS alarm monitoring communicator

Connect the device with USB cable to a windows PC (Compatibility: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10), and a new drive will be installed. When connected to that machine for first time, the driver will be installed first, then the new drive will be found. This drive is the flash memory of SC-GPRS alarm monitoring communicator, and contains the software and this manual.

Phisical properties:

Cellular BandsGPRS (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz)
Loop current25mA
Power consumption (max.)300mA
Power consumption (idle)100mA
Impedance100-470 Ohm
Dial tone425 Hz
Line voltage48V
Operating temperature
0 … +70°C
40  x 80 x 15 mm

Technical specifications

Contact signal inputs2
Emulated Phone line (TIP/RING)Yes
Status signaling with multicolor LED lightYes
USB Connection for local programingYes
Transmission chanelsGPRS
Contact ID messages forwardingYes
Number of adressable monitoring receives2
Communication protocol to monitoring receiverSIA DC-09
Transmission for onboard input state changeYes
Overwriting the user identification numberYes
Report forwarding regardless on phone number dialedYes
Password protectionYes
Remote device setting, status checkSMS commands