Analog phone line simulator, translating Contact ID signals to text format and alarm calls, with 2 independent operating modes


   Translating Contact ID signaling to text messages and sending them to mobile phones
   GSM phone line simulator (gateway)
   Signaling of contact events to phone or monitoring station


Analog phone line simulator

Voice / SMS communicator and GSM Gateway Phone line simulator with additional 2 contact inputs, capable for 2 different operating modes.

Main features

  • GSM communicator dialler
  • 2 separate modes of operation in one device
  • PSTN line simulation for monitoring station signal transmission
  • SMS/CALL about 32 different kinds of CONTACT ID reports
  • Signals to 4 telephone numbers
  • 2 contact inputs with independent signals SMS/CALL
  • Handling SIM PIN code
  • Forwarding SMS
  • Setting and diagnostics via USB connection
  • Change settings through SMS message


Short functional description of SC-GSM phone line simulator

In Standalone mode the phone line simulator behaves like a monitoring station receiver which receives and handles the CONTACT ID communication of alarm control devices.

Further function is that by controlling the contact inputs the communicator sends the assigned SMS messages and calls the pre-set telephone numbers.

In Transparent mode fully replaces phone line. By this means the alarm control panel can send the report codes to monitoring station, or a simple phone device can be used on places where the phone line is not available (elevators, SOS or INFO call points, weekend houses,…)


The device made for a secure and quick transfer of Security System’s events to Monitoring Station, through a GPRS IP network. Being an emulator of a classical PSTN line, it is compatible with most security panels on market.

In addition, contact inputs can be used to send a fast warning from any device with contact output (watering systems, stand-alone machines, vending machines, panic alarm buttons…) to a monitoring station.

The communicator (stands as a simulated telephone line for the intruder alarm system) receives Contact ID event codes from the intruder alarm system and transmits it via GPRS network to the monitoring station complying with the ANSI/SIA DC-09 standard.

User manual

 SC-GSM user manual v1.3 (en)SC-GSM_EN_v1-3

Phisical properties:

Cellular BandsGSM (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz)
Loop current25mA
Power9-30V (DC)
Power consumption (max.)300mA
Power consumption (idle)100mA
Impedance100-470 Ohm
Dial tone425 Hz
Line voltage48V
Operating temperature0 … +70°C
Dimensions40  x 80 x 15 mm

Technical specifications

Contact signal inputs2
Emulated Phone line (TIP/RING)Yes
Status signaling with multicolor LED lightYes
USB Connection for local programingYes
Transmission chanelsGSM VOICE / SMS
Contact ID messages forwardingYes
Number of adressable monitoring receives2
Communication protocol to monitoring receiverContact ID/Voice
Transmission for onboard input state changeYes
Overwriting the user identification numberYes
Report forwarding regardless on phone number dialedYes
Password protectionYes
SMS/voice call for selected Contact ID report ( 32 different events )Yes
Signaling to 4 separate phone numbersYes
SMS forwarding for all incomming messages ( prepayed credit,…)Yes