Singular W2G

Remotely manageable alarm monitoring communicator with WiFi primary and GPRS backup connection.


   Physical phone line (TIP/RING) emulation for the alarm panel
   Forwards Contact ID signals of the alarm panel towards the IP receiver
   Audio output in order to check the communication on emulated phone line


The SINGULAR W2G alarm monitoring communicator interprets Contact-ID or SIA FSK protocol (over simulated phone line), and translates to SIA DC-09 IP-based format, then sends it to the address of the set-up telemonitoring receivers.

Signaling exclusively depends on the existence of the permanent WiFi connection, thus several WiFi access points can be set up to handle any possible router or service errors.

In order to keep the higher security level, has GPRS (2G) mobile communication extension, too.

 WLAN 2.4GHz
 Cellular Bands GPRS (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz)
 Loop current 25mA
 Power 9-30V DC
 Impedance 100-470 Ohm
 Dial tone 425 Hz
 Line voltage 48V
 Operating temperature 0 … +70°C
 Dimension 75 x 90 x 25 mm