WIFI communicators

SINGULAR product line – WIFI communicators

The major characteristic of the product line is a WIFI connection with optional cellular network connection for backup. WIFI communicators. 

The devices are accepting the reports from alarm panel in Conatct-ID or SIA FSK format through emulated phone line and converting them to SIA DC-09 format, and sending them to monitoring receiver address in IP network. The signal transfer is based on continuously existing WIFI connection, therefore two independent networks can be set for redundancy.

To provide even higher security level, 2G,3G,4G network connection is also available as option, as appropriate device type.

Focus on innovative technology and low cost exploitation

All devices in this line support following features:

  • Settings through Web Browser, on any Smartphone or PC platform
  • Remote serial port connection, with any alarm or fire panel (with appropriate serial cable for the device type)
  • Control of 2 contact outputs from Smartphone application, for keyswitch arming/disarming of up to 2 separate partitions
  • Possible interception of communication on emulated phone line (TIP/RING connection) with simple head set, for debugging during installation

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