Remotely manageable alarm monitoring communicator with WiFi connection


   Signaling of Contact ID event codes of alarm control panels
   Remote programming of alarm control panels and fire alarm control panels over the Internet
   Complete control of the alarm control panel from a smartphone


Internet based alarm monitoring communicator – wifi alarm communicator – with remotely manageable features.

Alarm communicator for signal to smartphone App, working with any alarm panel.

Send Contact-ID events of the alarm control panels to an IP telemonitoring (in SIA DC-09 format), and/or forwards the message related to the event, in “push notification” format to mobile (Android) devices.

With the free application, the alarm control panel can be controlled (open/close), and its signals can be seen selectively (by user, zone, partition).
Unlimited number of signals and free operation.

Signaling exclusively depends on the existence of the permanent WiFi connection, thus several WiFi access points can be set up to handle any possible router or service errors.

No router setup needed during installation.


  • No need for a cellular network and a SIM card (no contract with provider and monthly fees)
  • Unlimited number of reports and users
  • Simple installation ( NO router settings)

Main features of WiFi alarm communicator

  • Connection to alarm panel through Ring/Tip terminals (emulates phone line)
  • Forwards Contact ID report from alarm panel to smartphone App
  • Transparent serial port allows to remotely program an alarm system of any type
  • Two controllable partition by smartphone
  • Supports two WIFI networks, primary and backup access points
  • Long range wireless network(802.11 b/g/n)
  • Configuration and diagnostic in WEB browser through Internet connection
  • Connecting to Internet through WIFI connection
  • AES-128 encrypted communication
  • No router setup fo device installation

Usage areas of  SINGULAR WIFI alarm monitoring communicator

  • Providing a IP path for forwarding of Contact ID reports from Alarm panel to monitoring station
  • Remote programming of Alarm panels, Fire panels, or any standalone device with serial connection to a software (vending machines, car diagnostic, sensor reading..), through internet
  • Complete supervision of alarm system from smartphone:
    • Identified Control (arm/disarm) without keypad
    • 3 notification interfaces: Status viewing, event list review and “push notification” warnings
    • Events filtering and displaying differently (alarm, arming, trouble,…)
    • Displaying of alarm system status (armed, trouble, online, etc…)
    • Multiple devices in one Smartphone account (home, office, weekend house, .)
    • One device can be added to many accounts, more notified persons at the same time.


You can download the application from play shop (iOS, Android). Look for a PULOWARE CLIENT, with a icon looking like show 

 Loop current25mA
 Power9-30V DC
 Impedance100-470 Ohm
 Dial tone425 Hz
 Line voltage48V
 Operating temperature0 … +70°C
 Dimension75 x 90 x 25 mm


Technical specifications

Controlled outputs2
Emulated Phone line (TIP/RING)Yes
Status signaling with multicolor LED lightYes
Serial port connection for alarm remote programmingYes
Acoustic supervisionYes
Removable terminalsYes
Metal housingYes
Transmission chanelsWifi
Contact ID messages forwardingYes
Number of adressable monitoring receives2
Communication protocol to monitoring receiverSIA DC-09
Transmission for change of programmingYes
Overwriting the user identification numberYes
Report forwarding regardless on phone number dialedYes
Customizing test report codeYes
Password protectionYes
Remote device setting, status checkYes
Firmware upload through WEB siteYes
Transparent serial port for remote programming of alarm panelYes
Controll outputsYes
Device restartYes
Remote arming/disarming with onboard relay (keyswitch)Yes
Selectable “push notification” on CID messagesYes