GSM door intercom system  (2G/3G)
Remote management via Internet
Premium category vandal proof


– Vandal proof Stainless steel case
– 1 or 2 call buttons
– 2G or 3G communication
– 2 controllable output (relay and power)
– Gate controlling by free call, up to 100 users
– Gate controlling by mobile app, up to 1000 users


GSM door intercom

2G/3G cellular wireless gsm door entry system with gate opener function and IoT based remote management

DP-GSM is an audio intercom unit which as a cell phone can call the owner’s mobile phone or landline (pstn) phone. By pressing the call button on the intercom, it makes the voice connection in a few seconds, this way it makes possible for the owner to receive the visitor’s calls and talk to them at anytime and anywhere, even when not at home. gsm door entry phone

Features of wireless intercom and access control system

  • Door entry intercom operating on mobile network
  • 2 phone numbers can be assigned to each pushbutton (set as primary number and secondary number)
  • Relay contact can be controlled (to start gate controls)
  • Controllable voltage output (for the direct control of an electric strike)
  • Gate control function by free call, 100 user can be configured numbers
  • Gate control function by mobile application, receiving „PUSH notification” about control
  • Configuration via USB using the PC software found on the intercom
  •  Configuration via WEB, remote management function
  •  2G (GSM) or 3G (UMTS) network
  •  Vandal-proof stainless-steel metal case
  • Keyless door open fuction

Versions of intercoms with 1 button

gsm intercom surface mounted


Surface mount design

Dimensions: 67x157x35 cm

 gsm intercom flush mounted


Flush mount design

Dimensions: 87x176x23

Technical details

  • 2G or 3G mobile connection (voice and data)
  • Controllable relay (NO type)
  • Appearance: surface and flush mount design


  • DP-GSM wireless Intercom with front plate
  • Mounting frame SM or FM
  • Security screw + screwdriver bit
  • Antenna 2G or 3G
  • USB cable
  • Power supply DC-12V / 1.5A
  • Antenna mount bracket
  • Wall mounting screws


Dimensions:67x157x35 cm (SM) or 87x176x23 cm (FM)
Ingress Protection:IP54
Power supply:DC 12V, minimum 1A
Network communications:GSM(2G), UMTS(3G)
SIM card size:3FF Micro-SIM (15x12mm)
Operating temperature:-30°C to +50°C



Application area

  • Modern solution for wireless intercom system (private homes, resorts, offices, premises)
  • Remotely controllable access control unit
  • Keyless door opening
  • Garage door opening/closing by phone